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The Effects of Outsourcing on the Economy Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Effects of Outsourcing on the Economy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Name: Zahra Khawari
Experiences for Paving the Way
Afghanistan, ‘post 2014’ is entered into debate already. Most of neighboring countries of Afghanistan and its critics are pessimistic as the transition is close at hand. The Majority of Afghans fear the return of Taliban after 2014. It is very true that Afghanistan is at the crossroad more than any other time. By withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan in 2014, a new history of Afghanistan will be written in the change of country’s economic and politics toward advancement or viceversa. This article focuses on three major concerns of post 2014 period. First the ability of Afghan troops to take responsibility; second economic development and   finally political stability of regimes. There are lots of debates and pessimistic views though; one must consider the other side of the coin too.
It is inaccurate to say that all the US forces and ISAFreturn home completely; good number of them particularly to train the Afghan army. According to the Global Issues report, “Transition does not equate to troop withdrawal as progress is made, some troops will be brought home, others will move into training roles and some will continue combat operations where necessary.”(Global issues ). The presence of foreign troops in army establishment will strengthen and develop military machinery and in. Though the government has the strategic plan to focus on the areas of concern during the transition, “The government’s ability to making sure and providing the rule and regulation of law and manage public administration is another laudable work toward this transition and capacity of country to develop economic” (Global issues ).It is known, the US and NATO troops for more than a decade in the country could not terminate insurgency by their direct involvement. Wealso witness that the US troops is losing support from Afghan civilians day after day. Burning of the Quran, has brought mistrust among civilians, so there won’t be any...

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