The Effects of Music on Studying Essay

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The Effects of Music on Studying Music has existed since the very beginning of time. Over the centuries music was utilized in hundreds on different and unique practices, celebrations, gatherings, etc. “The hunters would prance and growl around a fire emulating the sounds of the fierce beast they had just slain. They might even have started hitting sticks together in an attempt to emulate the sounds of their clubs thumping dully upon the head of some prey, or the hollow melon sound of a neighbor’s skull when they were fighting amongst themselves over some chunk of meat, or for the best looking mate.” (Aces and Eights, “The Origin of Music”). Music has existed along mankind all along, serving as a exemplification for emotion, action, and almost all aspects of life. Over time humans have divided music between different and completely unique genres and we have selectively chosen which ones we like best as individuals. Some genres are mood lifting, others mood deflating while there are others that get your blood rushing and also calm your nerves. There exists a variety of music for every person as well as every activity and in this case the effects of music on studying will be discussed and analyzed. Music is also looked at as a form of art. That it is an expression that can transform the moods and even lives of people. Music is deeply intertwined with the human race on all accounts. Music can be expressed in many areas including religion to set a devotional mood or to focus on the congregation of the spiritual life, as a form of entertainment, an enhancement of the oral tradition in literature, as an accompany to dance, work songs in order to ease the burden of repetitious physical activity, therapy for the human mind, and in this case, study music. (Based on the writing of John Negri “15 Purposes of Music”). Music has and always will serve as one of

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