The Effects of Media on Child Development

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D. Baxley 371391/Argumentative Essay 11 October 2012 Who Can Determine If Marissa Anderson’s Case Had Grounds For the Stand Your Ground Law? Who can determine when the Stand Your Ground law is right for this case? The judge on the Marissa Anderson case does not think this law should apply to this case. The judge decided to give Marissa Anderson instead twenty years in jail. This case was not looked at thoroughly and Anderson was treated unfairly and unjustified. Have any cases that use the same law turned out differently than this one? The Marissa Anderson case was a case in which a mother was in a very abusive marriage. The spouse, on this day was very upset with Anderson and decided to let her know. The spouse said some very threaten words to her while he was assaulting her. Anderson tried to get away by getting into her car in the garage. Anderson forgot to get her keys and the garage door would not open. Anderson went back into the house, grabs the gun and fired a warning shot up in the air. The spouse eventually leaves. Marissa Anderson was trialed and was sent to jail. The attorney decided to use the Stand Your Ground law. The judge did not think Marissa Anderson case applies to that law and give her twenty years in jail, mandatory. Anderson’s attorney is trying to get this over turn. The Stand Your Ground Law has been applied in many cases. The “‘Stand Your Ground' Denied in Domestic Violence Case." Black Legal Issues had reported that in Anderson’s case it should have been applied and Anderson should be out of jail. This law is basically states when a person feels threaten and is force to protect them self even if they have the opportunity to leave. Anderson was put in that situation as well as her children. She is a mother in a very abusive marriage. Gray has verified that he has been abusing Anderson. He also was abusing her that day when the

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