The Effects of Mass Media

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The effects of the mass media Uniquely enough mass media can be informative and can also be damaging. This is dependent on how the information is received and perceived by the individual. Mass media has a big influence in today’s society especially adolescents and teenagers. Therefore, this paper will examine sexual content in the media from the three theoretical perspectives of functionalism, interactionism view, and the conflict theory. It is important to realize that mass media is growing more than ever in today’s society. The influence that it has on our adolescents and teenagers is staggering. It is important that adults teach children how to analyze and view media responsibly. This can be done by parental controls, monitoring how much is viewed, and what kind of media is being viewed during the day. Furthermore, adolescents need the guidance of their parents to understand the reality of all the sexual content that is found in main stream media. In fact, “Marshall McLuhan once wrote that we live in a world where the impact of mass media is “as imperceptible to us as water is to a fish” (Brash, 2003, p. 313). Most adolescents spend as much as much as 10 hours a week viewing main stream media. With shows such as, Jerry Springer, Pretty Little Liars, Teenwolf, and Vampire Diaries, adolescents are exposed to sexual conduct that is portrayed as normal. In today’s society these types of shows are normal viewing for adolescents. It is such a norm that adolescents actually tape these shows if they are not going to be home in order to keep up with their favorite series. The world of mass media which include a vast range of sexual, reality, violent views is a norm to this generation of adolescents. Functionalist view mass media as it can reinforce proper behavior or it can endorse unapproved behavior such as sexual behavior. This view is what sensualizes the mind
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