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The Effects of Living in a Foreign Country Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Effects of Living in a Foreign Country" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Effects of Living in a Foreign Country
Nowadays, an increasing number of people tend to go abroad for or even residence. There is no doubt that living in a foreign country brings us lots of benefits, on the contrary, there is many negative effects also. I am writing to discuss two main influences of living in a foreign country.
Above all, the major effect, and also an advantageous one, is the cultivation of independence and a sense of responsibility. Staying in our own country, when we come across some difficulties, we can turn to other family members or friends for help. However, living in another country means we are far from our family, so it may impel us to rely on ourselves. Since it is up to us and no one else to wash clothes, do the housework, and organize the expenses, that is, always to stand on our own feet, we can have a strong meaning of responsibility in the process. Being independent and responsible will help us organize our lives. Second, people who live abroad can make friends with people of different backgrounds and cultures. Third, they can learn much more advanced knowledge of science and technology from foreign countries. Last but not least, they can learn foreign languages more quickly because of the absorption in foreign language atmosphere. All these can broaden our horizons, which will be a significant fortune in the future.
The second main effect would be homesickness. In another word, we miss everything in the hometown. Living far from home, even for a short period of time, can be really hard at the beginning. It is certainly very challenging to live in a foreign country where everything may totally be different from what we are used to before. Sometimes, we feel helpless due to the language barriers and cultural difference. Whereas, living abroad, we have to develop ourselves in unknown conditions such as new customs and traditions; we have to adapt to new environment and learn other opinions and values. Everything around us is...

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