The Effects of Growing Up with Internet Access Essay

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The Effects of Growing Up With Internet Access Dave Barry once stated, “The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.” Technology has matured tremendously throughout the past few years. Although the younger generations are accustomed to having internet access at their fingertips, majority of our parents and older generations were not fortunate enough to grow up amidst this technology. Growing up with internet access has opened a door to a completely different social and educational realm for today’s adolescent generation. Internet use in households across the country has grown from absolutely none in 1989 to 71.7 percent of households accessing the internet in 2011 (Computer). Therefore, the majority of America’s teenage population has experienced the many positive and negative effects that growing up with internet access has brought to their lives. The World Wide Web is a main outlet to our means of socialization with the rest of the world. Communication has morphed into an easier, faster and more readily available action. Before internet, long, costly telephone calls were often made, and hand written letters were scrolled out and mailed. Now the youth of today are able to video call. This allows them to have face to face conversations with their comrades. They can send emails to someone across the country within seconds. Social Networking websites have grown very popular. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook allow us to message people, and post picture or status for our friends and family to view. We have now adapted to the concepts of social networking to the point that it is often painless and almost habitual to check our Facebook or Twitter pages to observe what is happening in the lives of others instead of actually talking to them. Social networks are not only a great way

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