The Effects of Globilization on Two Non' Western Cultures Essay

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Name Course Instructor Adm no. Psychology in Workplace Introduction Businesses and organizations have different objectives that they always strive to achieve. Apart from profit making which is the primary objective of an organization; they also try to develop a culture for the well-being of the employees. In every organization, employees are the priority. When employees are not content, they will not give their best in the organization. It may later result in collapse of the organization. One of the best ways to ensure that you maintain your employees is by using a psychological culture such as empowerment. The essay discusses the position of psychology in workplace. Leadership is a major factor in the organization. Leaders are the ones who lead an organization in achieving their goals. Thus, leaders should have a clear aspect of the organization and its functions so that they may lead the team in achievement of the goals. He or she should be a person who can learn the psychological aspect of all the employees and be ready to accommodate all. The leader should be able to express confidence in all the ways concerning the organization. Success of an organizational depends on the successful empowerment from the leader (Aamodt 429). Any leader in the organization should know that employees are a valuable asset to the organization. The leader should be able to learn the weaknesses and the strengths of every employee. The leader can do this by treating every person equally. Awards should be given according to the work done, and the contribution of every person in the organization (Aamodt 429). Emotional intelligence is a critical psychological factor. In this case, every individual in the organization can regulate their emotions for the sake of better relations with the internal and external publics of an organization. Emotional intelligence will help one

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