The Effects of Digital Photography on the Photography Field

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Every day you take in hundreds of thousands of images, that at one point a photographer thought out and planned exactly how they felt it should be viewed. Photography is a very important element in today’s visual consumer society, while when it first evolved it was just a rare form of art used to document an important person or place in history. Before photography became an actual form of art and technology philosophers discovered optics between the fourth and fifth century. (Stead) Optics is the way light works and interacts with matter. This discovery started photography’s long journey through centuries of improvement and common knowledge. The creator of Eastman Kodak Company, George Eastman, created and patented roll film. Now in 2012 there are three major photography companies that compete to have better and more advanced equipment: Kodak, Cannon, and Fujifilm. Photography evolved from merely an idea on paper to something that uses advanced technology to record events and subjects. Such technology can be used to capture the beauty of everyday life into an artistic piece that can be viewed for a lifetime. The popularity of digital photography has changed technology within the photography field because it provides more features and is convenient. Throughout time there has been many advances made in photography, one of them being the invention of film. With film a way for people to record real life into an image became possible, as opposed to previous years when everything was recorded through the stroke of an artist’s brush. The perk of film is being able to keep an image in its original raw format, while with digital it has a grainy pixilation effect. With digital you can make the image size much larger than you ever could with film. Most people believe that there is only one type of film available for use, 35mm, but that is not the case, several speeds and

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