The Effects of Communication Technology and Social Networking on Face- to Face Communication Essay

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Technology and web browsing have become an important part of many people’s lives. People usually use technology to communicate, share and search for information. Communication technology has enabled people to connect with each other. One of the ways people use to communicate is social networking websites. Social networking websites work like an online community of internet users. It consists of a representation of each individual, most social networking websites allow their users to create their own profile, and allow internet users to share common interests with many online community members, it allow people to communicate and discuss issues that are important to them such as political issues, social , and educational issues. Texting is another way people use to communicate . Texting using mobile phones specially, smart phones is considered as communication technology. Texting grants a convenient access to phones’ calendars, and allow people to connect with their family and friends, remaining close even though they may be thousands of miles apart. Although communication technology and social networking has made communicating with friends and family, learning, and sharing information with others easier than the past, communication technology has reduced face – to face communication and it has negatively affected people’s social skills. Human communication is affected by the technology that is available in their time .Modern technology and social networking websites has transformed the way people communicate ; communication nowadays is different than in the past. In the 90’s the latest technology people use to communicate was telephones while today people use the internet and social networking websites to communicate with others. According to Wheeldon. ( 2010) social networking websites are sites where individuals can build up an online profile describing their

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