The Effects Of Child Abuse Essay

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Years of extensive research on individuals who have been subject to abuse in their childhood years shows us that there can be a wide variety of negative influences, potentially affecting all aspects of development. The effects of child abuse have impacted seriously on individuals in society. By looking at different case studies and research, we can see that child abuse can come in many forms, and is not just limited to violence. The effects of abuse can damage an individual throughout their lifetime. Erik Erikson’s eight developmental theories relate closely to the topic of child abuse, and the importance of the role of a parent or guardian in a child’s life. When abuse comes in to the equation, it can effect the development of a child, which may cause serious consequences, such as a poor attachment with the parent. There are many different outcomes that can be the result of child abuse, and some may stay with the abused for the rest of their lives. The psychological damages of child abuse are often apparent throughout the life of the abused. As well as this, abuse can have a large impact on the social behaviors, interactions with others and intimate relationships through adolescence and later life. Not all children have been abused, but many have been exposed to violence at a young age through the media, video games and careless parenting. The statistics and studies on child abuse and its effects clearly state that abuse has an affect on the child. The crime of child abuse and the many effects on the abused are matters of serious concern in society today. This is not limited to physical abuse, but also includes neglect, emotional and sexual abuse. Parents are not the only perpetrators of child abuse. Each year in Australia, 1 in 4 adolescent girls will have experienced child abuse or incest. (Women & Mental Health, 1991, from Psychology for VCE) Relatives,
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