The Effects of Alcoholic Advertisements on Minors

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The Effects of Alcoholic Advertisements on Minors Between 2001 and 2005, youth exposure to alcohol advertising on television in the U.S. increased by 41%. With many new studies being published on how the increase of alcohol advertising is drastically effecting the youth of America in a negative way, this 41% increase could potentially cause huge increases in underage drinking. Alcohol companies are knowingly targeting minors with many of their ads, and show no signs of stopping. Loads of research has been conducted on the effects of advertisements for alcohol on the youths of America, but what about other effects? Not much research has been done on other factors that contribute to underage drinking, such as lifestyle, social influences, and where someone lives. Also, most research has been done on the effects of increased alcoholic advertising on youths, but the effects of if decreasing the amount of advertisements will decrease the amount of underage drinking has only been speculated and the statistics are estimated, not concrete. The percentage of youths engaging in underage drinking in America is on the rise. Many believe that growing publicity of advertisements of alcohol is a major factor in this rise. This rise does not seem to show any signs of stopping, for just like any other company, companies that have alcoholic products wants to make money, and to maximize their profits. They know that people under 21 account for a good portion of their profits, so although they won’t admit it, they do target underage viewers with their ads. In order for a company to make a successful advertisement, it needs certain elements. The company needs to make sure that it appeals to their target audience, what aspects they will focus on, where it will be shown, and how their advertisement will be displayed. The purpose of the ad is to make viewers feel a connection

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