The Effectiveness of Random Drug Testing

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The Effectiveness of Random Drug Testing Random drug testing has been a controversial topic. If drug testing is not approved, it would just break the principle of playing fair, But if there are student athletes who play sport must participate in extracurricular activities and submit to random drug searches then there would not be a problem. Random drug testing has helped catch many people who believed that they could pass the test and not get caught without having any consequences . Many people argue that it violate their Fourth Amendment of private searches, but the counter argument is that there is a reasonable cause why the Government and the Board of Education perform these type of test. Student athletes who use performance enhancing drugs they in possession of illegal substances and are therefore subject to search and seizure by school authorities. Random drug testing has been used in work places prior to the use in high schools for student athletes for the reason of safety and to prove if the workers were involved in and illegal drug abuse. Before the year 2002 student athletes were the only people who must submit to drug testing, but after a Supreme Court ruling all student who are involved in extracurricular activities have to subject to random drug test. The Fourth Amendment explain thats every person has the right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure, but when a student has and illegal substance such as steroid, that give the government cause to search the person. Board of Education v. Earls (2002) argued that the student who are involved with extracurricular activities should not be randomly tested for unknown drug in the student which violated their Fourth Amendment. In previous court cases, the court had ruled majority in favor that the school has the right to search and seize students as in the case of Board of

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