The Effective Director(Apple Inc.) Essay

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Introduction Every organization looks at striving towards success and attaining growth in its industry through profitability, brand image and sustainability. On a broader aspect these are the factors that an organization strives towards, however there are various other factors that come in the play towards the proper functioning of a firm. Internal and External factors play a vital role such as the working environment, employee conditions, supplier’s responsibilities, stakeholder’s needs and so on. Apart from these every organization have various conflicts and barriers that cause hurdles towards the growth of the organization and in order to overcome all these, proper functioning and decisions are to be made by the higher hierarchical level authority of the organization who comprise of the board members, the non-executive directors, CEO and chairman, they have the authority to make the right decision and see that they are implemented. Various conflicts may arise in every organization which is at the peak of its growth, and thus by identifying and implementing various viable methods would lead to yielding greater results. Each member has various duties which are to be followed. The directors are the decision makers and are seen as the brains of an organization hence being an effective director is highly essential for every organization in an industry. This piece of work shall look at addressing the issues that have risen in Apple Inc. The organization needs no introduction, in the last few years apple has managed to dominate in various diversified technological market such as computers, phones, music devices and due to this diversification in its products apple removed the term apple computers hence forming Apple Inc. The firm though with its dominating market share has been a host to various issues with concern of its labor practices, employee treatment and the

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