The Effect Of The Internet In Newspaper And Magazi Essay

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The Effect of the Internet in Newspaper and Magazine Industry Abstract – Nowadays, Internet is becoming our part of life. First of all, Internet is very convenient because of the using method. The only thing you do is typing and clicking. You don't have to turn the page over. Also, most of the issues and news information is for free. If you need to buy newspaper or magazine, you have to walk all the way down to the daily shop. But Internet, you don't have to find the newspaper shop because you can find the variety of news and information. So, now days Internet is giving effects to newspaper and magazine industries' sales. Keywords – Internet, newspaper industry, magazine industry I. INTRODUCTION Internet commerce compounds the creative and destructive force of the Internet. There are innovations that make marginal changes to expand industries and others that create new industries while destroying old industries as well. As a result, some elements of that force have generated a significant impact upon the traditional newspaper industry. It seems fair to assess that those of the newspaper industry that strategically adapt will survive. The Internet enables many-to-many commerce as opposed to traditional one-to-many commerce. In many-to-many commerce the roles of customer and merchant are fluid, people can be both producers and consumers of information. This changes businesses particularly information businesses. However, not only does the role of the press change but the identity of the press as well - any person can become an information provider. In contrast, in the traditional newspaper industry the roles and the identities of both the merchants and consumers are clearly defined. II. FACING THE CHALLENGES OF THE INTERNET With steadily declining circulation and advertising revenues fleeing to the Internet, the newspaper industry has been hit hard

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