The Effect of Techology Essay

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The Effect of Technology With the development of science and technology, many aspects, especially in the way of communication, have changed beyond our imagination. We prefer to choose more convenient and popular ways to contact others. Some changes are obviously seen around us in that people use mobile phones instead of writing letters and using public telephones, besides which, computers are playing an important role in our lives. The high technology brings convenience. The development of computers changes our life. Decades ago, people needed to do a lot of calculation by hand because they did not have a computer, and more obviously, they did not have the software to do the calculation. As the result of that, people spent hours on the equations that a computer can solve in just a minute. Since the development of computer, people are able to use some kind of software to solve some difficult problems. Computers have become the most useful equipment for scientists because they can use their time more efficiently. Many people have a cell phone. It just appeared on the market for about 10 years ago. The popularization and application of the mobile phone shorten the distance between people, strengthen the communication between people. Multimedia makes teaching more intuitive, visualizations, and helps to improve teach effect; using of computer and internet, is convenience of people’s learning. Therefore, high technology greatly promotes human the development of human social material and spiritual civilization. High technology is the crystallization which the development of modern science. It greatly promotes the development of productive forces, and strongly affects the process of human society. According to the example, we can get that the high technology greatly promote the development of social production. Improve the people's life level. Using the high

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