The Effect of Technology Essay

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The Effect of Technology We all see that moody, withdrawn girl sitting in the corner of the room blasting music through her white ear buds, or that boy who is incessantly tapping on the phone that is always glued on to his hand. This is due to the technology spiral that has turned our entire lives into merely a device that has a few hours of battery life. Everybody now owns at least one gadget of those, whether he were a child or a senior. You can’t see someone nowadays who isn’t immersed into a mobile, laptop, gaming pad, or a television. But are these technological advancements a good or a bad thing? I personally believe that the growth of technology has negatively influenced the social interaction of our generation. Technology influences people negatively by isolating individuals from their surroundings. A person could block out anything by simply putting on some ear buds and blasting music. For example, you could be in a school bus and put ear buds on and ignore everybody else on the bus, thus eliminating the possibility of you stepping out of your comfort zone and actually making a friendship that could last a lifetime. Also, the increased usage of technology results in creating the illusion that you are surrounded by friends when in reality you are alone. Why step out of the comfort and warmth of your bed to go meet a friend when you can simply text them? But is it the same? Human interaction is now gone. Our generation would rather have a group chat with friends than actually meeting them somewhere. Technology has stopped us from creating memories that we could look back at in thirty years. When we actually leave our mobiles and start listening to our parents and grandparents talking about their memories, we see that they did a lot of fun things as children while we spent our childhood bundled up in our

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