The Effect of Salt on the Boiling Temperature of Water Essay

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janiah ellis July 07, 2013 Art 103 Professor Barbara Solomon The Art of China The Chinese culture is extremely ancient culture. Its societies begin in 7000 BC and ended in 2200 BC and this is when the country was united into its first dynasty. After a long period of time and the cultures history, ruling dynasties built and lost all kinds of empires and it stretches into Central Asia. By the time silk roads and trade came along it keep bringing new and bright ideas from many places to the artist of China. There were some periods where the war was peaceful. Different styles of art changed over a period of thousands of years and the change of this was influenced by China’s contacts and many other cultures. The artist I choose is Gu Hongzhong, I choose him because his work was in the first five dynasties and was very interesting. He painted notable painting like “Nights Revels of Han Xizai”. This painting was drawn on a scroll, to depict the life of Han Xizai. From the looks of the pictures this painting was drawn first and painted last. The artist was commissioned to do the painting for the Emperor Li, who thought that Han was still involved in politics. In the painting Han was shown throughout his evening at home entertaining guests. This painting no longer exists but a remake was done in the Song Dynasty, the painting is now housed in the Palace Museum in Beijing. After finding this painting I looked deeper into Chinese art and found more interesting things out about the Chinese. By trading with other cultures on the silk roads they brought into their culture different ideas. In the exchange of ideas, new ways to pursue art developed. Through history you find that different rulers brought different ideas into the culture also. In early China the self-proclaimed ruler of China
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