The Effect of Ict on an Individual Essay

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Category: Communication Technology: Mobile Phone • How is this technology used? A mobile phone is a portable electronic device that uses satellites providing a signal that’s controlled by a mobile network. The services that are provided on a mobile phone aren’t free, and you have to pay a mobile phone company for the services. Originally, they were just used for sending texts and calling people, but in more recent years have also become a way of accessing your e-mails, listening to music, taking pictures and playing games. • How the technology benefits individuals? The technology can be extremely beneficial to individuals as they are portable meaning you wont miss any important calls, they can be small for ease of use or large for a heightened experience or better for bad eyesight, depending on the preference of the user. Also, they are good in emergencies as you can call the emergency services immediately. For entertainment, they are extremely good as they can be used to play games on, you can surf the internet, listen to music, take photos, check your e-mails or even use a calculator. And, as they work abroad, you can keep in touch with family and friends while you or they are away. • The disadvantages of the technology? The technology can be expensive and if you are on the wrong ‘package’, they can cost you a lot of money you may not need to spend. Plus, depending on your area, good signal is not always guaranteed meaning that your phone becomes useless. Also, some need constant charging so if you go away somewhere and they have no available plug, then again, your phone becomes useless once it has run out of charge. There generally small size also means they are usually lost and this can become stressful, especially if they are stolen. As well as all of this, the technology may become too much of a distraction for younger

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