The Effect of Exercise on the Body

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Health as a lifestyle choice A01 For the purpose of this assignment I will be looking into aspects of the human body and how they function. I will also be focusing how exercise effects the body and the changes exercise promotes within the body. The government suggest that you should do around two and a half hours of exercise a week, (half an hour 5 days a week) to keep your body healthy. This doesn’t have to be high impact exercise it can be as simple as just walking the dog or to the shops instead of driving. It can be just simple exercise that is easily integrated into your everyday daily routine. Health is a major part of your life and simple changes to your lifestyle and choices can make a massive difference to your overall health. The overall health improvement will leave you with more energy and help your concentration, which will make day to day tasks easier and more enjoyable to complete as you won’t feel drained by the end of it. (Gill Jenkins, 2010) Physical health Physical health is how your body works and is assessed like a machine by levels of fitness, the better your fitness, the better physical health you have and the better your body will work, it will be more efficient. There are many things that effect physical health within your body; the cardiovascular system which is all about heart strength, cholesterol and blood pressure; the respiratory system, how fitness effects your breathing and the oxygen getting to your muscles and organs; skeletal system and how fitness effects your bones, the strength of them and the condition of the bones; Weight control which effects most of the above factors and a main benefit of being healthy as weight can have a massive effect negatively or positively on your overall health. Effects on the cardiovascular system The cardiovascular system or otherwise known as the circulatory system

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