The Effect Of Exercise On The Human Heart Rate

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Title: The Effects of Exercise On The Human Heart Rate and Whether One’s Sex Is A Determinate. Abstract: It is generally believed that exercise increases the human heart rate. But what is not clear, is how much that rate increases in relation to amounts of exercise and whether sex is a determining factor in this increase rate. This paper finds that the rate of increase was dramatic in relation to the amount of exercise and that female rate increases were not measurably different than male rates for the same exercise duration and type. This has broad implications for the duration and type of exercise that people are exposed to. Introduction: The objective was to determine heart rates for a small sample of students and whether their sex was a critical factor in their rate. The experiment was done in Biology class and involved 16 students, nine of them female. A brief exercise involving 15-second intervals was used. The belief that heart rate will increase after exercise and that this increase may be measurably different based upon sex was tested. Materials and Methods: Sixteen people were involved in the experiment, nine of which were females. Before taking the measurements, we determined that we would count beats and start each test by the count of three and then end with the word “stop”. We took three different fifteen second measurements of everyone’s heart rate. The fifteen-second measurements were multiplied by four so we could obtain the beats per minute. Then we took the average of our heart rates in the beats per minute form. This was the pre exercise test. For the exercise test the students did jumping jacks for one full minute, but one of the males was injured so he did one-leg jumping jacks. We then measured heart rates for fifteen seconds. One different factor in the post exercise measurement is that we only measured once for fifteen

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