The Effect of Color and Smell on Memory Essay

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THE EFFECT OF COLOR AND SMELL ON MEMORY _________________________________ A Research Paper Presented to The Faculty of the U.P. High School Cebu Social Sciences Cluster U.P. Cebu Lahug, Cebu City _________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements in Research II _________________________________ by MARIA DONNA FE M. AGAN MARY ELAINE G. ALFECHE ARNOLD JOSEPH CAESAR P. ESTEBAN DANIELE ASTRID G. NAZARENO EMBER JOHN D. SABSALON APRIL 2013 iii APPROVAL SHEET This research paper entitled, “THE EFFECT OF COLOR AND SMELL ON MEMORY”, is presented and submitted by MARIA DONNA FE M. AGAN, MARY ELAINE G. ALFECHE, ARNOLD JOSEPH CAESAR P. ESTEBAN, DANIELE ASTRID G. NAZARENO, EMBER JOHN D. SABSALON, in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Research II is hereby approved and accepted. ALVIN P. CUANDOT Panelist PURITA T. BALTAZAR Panelist HAZEL A. TRAPERO Panelist MA. DOLORES L. ADAY English IV Teacher MAY CHRISTINA G. BUGASH Research II Teacher iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This research project would not be possible without the following: First and foremost, to GOD who gave us the strength and determination to finish this research. Without Him, this research would not be successful. To our parents, who were always so supportive since the beginning of this research. They helped us in all our needs, financially and emotionally. To Prof. May Christina G. Bugash, for guiding us throughout the research process, for the time she spent for checking our research paper and for the comments and recommendations she gave for the improvement of our research. To our classmates and friends, for being there to lift us up in times of difficulty and for helping us improve our study. Thank you very much. MDFMA, MEGA, AJCPE, DAGN, EJDS iii ABSTRACT This study intended to examine the effect of color and smell on memory. The

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