The Effect of College Education

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Effects of High Level of Education in Quality of Life Education has a significant impact on human life as it provides opportunities to acquire and maintain the quality of life. Quality of life is a degree of well-being which is felt or enjoyed by an individual or a group of people. It can be viewed from various perspectives, and can be defined in various ways. The quality of human life can be divided into eight main principles, which are emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships, wellness equipment, personal development, physical well-being, decision making, social relations, and rights. Investment in education from pre-school through to highest educational level is able to improve and enhance the quality lives. We have to admit that there is a correlation between college education and quality of life; which is to build a good quality of life, the role of education is very important. Therefore, college education has a significant impact on individual’s opportunities to acquire and maintain the quality of life. Level of education is closely linked with the economic condition of a person. Individuals with lower levels of education tend to deal with economic problems. In this fast growing and demanding era, living cost can be an issue for those who cannot meet the demand. The rent, utilities bills, food and not to mention when it comes to family with children; the diapers, formula, you name it, these basic necessity can be a burden for lower income parents. According to Bureau of Labor Statistic, the median weekly earning of people with no degree is $638 and the percentage of unemployment is 33%. This is due to the lack of interest by the organization to take them as employee. Even though, if they were employed, these individuals tend to be given lower positions; therefore, they will receive a lower income than workers with a high level of education. A
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