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The Effect Of Child Abuse Essay

  • Submitted by: aheard123
  • on March 2, 2011
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Arianna Heard
Freshmen Seminar II
March 2, 2011

The Effect of Child Abuse on the Academic Performance of Children between the Ages of Zero and Fifteen
A Review of the Literature
In recent years the number of children being abused has increased. Survivors of child abuse have certain aspects of learning that appear very difficult for them, particularly learning that builds on past learning. Many of the children and adults have had great difficulty with subjects that demand an understanding of sequence, math for instance. In order to carry on moving forwards in understanding math and more complex math you have to sometimes go back to previous learning of the process of working things out. Child abuse increases the rates of high school dropouts, people in jail, and also people who are just out committing crimes.
Going back in order to go forward is a difficult process for some children who are abused. Some children may use numbers as a way of escaping more difficult thoughts about their past and so develop a fascination with math. Using math as an example of the need to understand sequence as integral to some areas of learning.
Children who are being abused are not doing well in school. They are dropping out and engaging in illegal activity because they feel as if they have no reason to be in or complete school. Some children who are abused sometimes are successful but not all children are successful.
Children who are abused strive for attention in anyway. They show out in school so that they know someone is paying attention to them. Also they may not do their home work because they want their parents to pay attention to them and care. Children who are abused dropout of school because they feel like it’s not for them. Majority of the people who are in jail was abused as a child. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of child abuse on children’s education. I believe that children are being affected a lot by child abuse....

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