The Effect of Antidesma Bunius (Bignay) Extract to a Person with Urinary Tract Infection

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Abstract Urinary tract infections are a serious health problem affecting millions of people each year. Infections of the urinary tract are the second most common type of infection in the body. Women are especially prone to Urinary Tract Infection for reasons that are not yet well understood. One woman in five develops a Urinary Tract Infection during her lifetime. Urinary Tract Infection in men are not as common as in women but can be very serious when they do occur. This research project shows that we can produce a herbal medicine out of Bignay fruits for Urinary Tract Infections. That we can produce this particular medicine with limited financial cost and little of our time. Because this particular remedy are made of natural fruit extract from Bignay “antidesma bunius,” it is safe to use. The fruit extract of this fruit has cytotoxic properties, which could help for person with urinary tract infections and other intestinal problems. Introduction Background of the Study With the world now facing global recession, economy is always a big issue. Government spend considerable amount of money to solve it, but what do you think is a possible and easiest way to prevent this crisis? During this crisis, health is always a wealth. But sometimes health related problems cannot be avoided, and medicine are not cheap. But there are always another side of the story, good news is that the use of herbal supplements for medicinal purposes has increased dramatically over the past years. If used correctly, many herbs are considered safer than conventional medications. The researcher will try to create herbal remedy for Urinary Tract Infection using the extract of the natural fruit of Bignay “antidesma bunius” as scientific name that contains cytotoxicity to help person with urinary tract infections. Statement of the Problem This

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