The Effect Of Alzheimer's Disease On The Aging

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How Alzheimer's disease affects the Aging Sharon Johnson CCMH504 May, 12 2014 Beverly Pruitt How Alzheimer's disease affects the Aging Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most terrifying diseases around the world; there are 5.4 million individuals in the United States who suffer from Alzheimer. According to Weiten, Lloyd, Dunn, Hammer (2009) “Alzheimer’s disease is less common in China or Japan than in Europe or the United States, Moreover, individuals of East Asian descent in the United States are diagnosed less frequently with the disease than are citizens who trace their lineage back to Europe”(Jellinger, Schmidt, & Windlisch, 2002 p. 355). Alzheimer’s disease is age related and its characterized is memory loss, and loss of…show more content…
An elderly with Alzheimer’s disease have struggle to remembering things, and they gradually become disoriented and confuse. Most elderly lose the ability to work, drive, as their condition get degenerate the individuals stop reading and writing. According to Gates (2014)” throughout early and middle adulthood, once beyond the age of 60 everyone experiences a decline in all of our five primaries, mental abilities verbal Meaning, spatial orientation, inductive reasoning, number ability, word fluency”(Gates, 2014). In the early stages of Alzheimer’s individuals experience different changes in their ability to work with number or follow a daily plan. Some people have trouble keeping track of monthly bills and having difficulty focusing at work and…show more content…
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