The Effect of Airbuds on the Modern Generation Essay

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what’s your favorite movie? paul blart mall cop, right? well, imagine this. imagine if paul blart mall cop was based on a true story. it’s a good enough movie on its own, but once you learn that it’s all based on true events, wow, right? what an inspiring guy. this out of shape fellow had no business thwarting all those master mall thieves, but he did anyways out of sheer determination. so okay, great. paul blart mall cop. favorite movie. you buy the DVD, put posters up in your room, scour the internet for news about any upcoming sequels. so then we find out that the real paul blart mall cop is dying (in this universe, there’s no need for kevin james, as PBMC does his own stunts). oh no! there goes any chance of a paul blart sequel, right? wrong. they’re gonna put out a sequel, all right, but they’re gonna shoehorn a subplot about paul blart having babies. which is fine, right? it’s a happy ending that can extend the story for future generations. PBMC would have no problems with this ending. so then, the sequel is made, and the real PBMC passes away at peace with his success. before his body is even cold, those same directors, realizing there is still money to be made, start work on a spinoff series surrounding blart’s babies. which, again, fine, right? wrong. they don’t know why you love paul blart mall cop. they don’t care that the real paul blart mall cop’s appeal was his reality. he really existed in a world that underestimated him for how he looked, and he really overcame that. but hollywood doesn’t care. they think “oh, the kids love paul blart mall cop? well imagine how much they’ll love it when we give them a movie series starring his babies! except his babies will be superheroes. there will never be any sense of peril, the movies won’t feature malls, cops, or mall cops in any form, and also, just in case the audience starts to suspend their disbelief for

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