Essay On Critical Problems In Education

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1. The most critical problem in your school or area which contributes to poor educational standards and bad matriculation results. The two most critical problems in our local school are linked to the social background of students and institution departments of the school. Regarding social background principal Lawrence mentioned that kids now days don't have much value for studying. He mentioned they are value deprived, meaning they lack value for education, so they don't see the benefits of becoming more educated. The other problem, within the institutional departments, is that most teachers teaching at high school struggle with the academic goal posts. In other words, they struggle to cope with the changes of the standard curriculum. The aim of the research is to investigate the problems is to get a better understanding of the problems faced by the institution, and to come up with proposals or possible solutions to the problems.…show more content…
The principal of the school argues that educators have a general degree and therefor lack necessary knowledge and depth of the subjects they teach. He mentioned that the teachers these days don't have "Academic rigor.” For example, a teacher with a BEd degree, received an education that are maybe to general, making him or her less “qualified” to teach subjects like science. Educators, who studied in the field of the subjects they are teaching, would be more adequate in teaching and assisting students since they know their subject in greater depth. I feel that this issue is worth researching because it’s in the interest of the school, teachers and students. If teachers are more proficient in teaching their subjects, students would be able to learn better and might be more

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