The Educational Value Of Video Games Essay

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For many centuries, schools have been a place of not only learning, but also stirring the imagination, where their students would use what they learned to invent new places and ideas. As science and technology progressed, so did the people, whether they were learning or teaching. The later half of the twentieth century, however, has seen a much bigger boom in technological advances than any other period of time before it. Electronics started to be used on all fronts, all the while being refined with each passing year. Today, in the twenty-first century, it is hard to imagine where else the world would be without them. They have been integrated in every aspect of our life, and it is hard for most people to keep up with all the new advances. Particularly in teaching, where it seems that aging teachers are struggling to get their students to learn, as the latter is usually too engrossed in forum discussions, browsing the Internet or are eager to play their new video game. The former knows that the pupils are getting disinterested in academics, so what to do about it? Some modern teachers who kept up with technology already include it in their workplace, but others say they could go a step beyond. It is no secret that video games are the latest cultural phenomenon, and that most people between childhood and early adulthood are into them. What this paper proposes is that this new form of entertainment can be used for educational purposes, as they encourage the players to read up on related material and analyse problems; they are very relevant in this day and age. One of the primary skills for learning is to have an interest in reading. When a student does not enjoy a book or subject, he (or she) zones out, especially if they cannot relate the material to something they like. However, the students will tend to read sometimes long passages of text if he feels involved

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