The Education of Little Tree Essay

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THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE | | | | | | AUSTIN GOOD Land 110 18 September 2012 AUSTIN GOOD Land 110 18 September 2012 INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION The Education of Little Tree by Asa Earl Carter, under the pseudonym Forrest Carter, explores the life of a young boy named Little Tree. Published in 1976, this story has spun both critical acclaim and controversy. The story begins after his parents pass away. Little Tree goes off to live with his grandparents who are Cherokee Native Americans. The story focuses on ideals of Cherokee society such as nature, respect for the land, spirit, love and mountain life. “ “ The story also prominently displays a strong mentoring relationship between Little Tree and his Granpa. His Granpa uses everyday lessons and hardships to teach Little Tree about independence and being a proper man. ” ” You cannot know where your people are going if you don't know where your people have been. This coming of age story has a lot of sadness juxtaposed by excitement and enthusiasm about what the future brings. Watching Little Tree grow is not only interesting, but also intriguing as you watch him apply lessons learned by his grandfather. This is framed by highly descriptive and colorful descriptions about the natural world that Little Tree lives in. The Education of Little Tree book cover (2012) While the author and the story have come under fire for several reasons I’ll outline later, the story has still been considered a classic, drawing people in for its messages about simple living and loving the world around you. Summary Summary The story begins with the passing of this unknown boy’s mother, which we learn takes place only a year after his father’s passing. The five year old boy is then taken to be raised by

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