The economy in relation to education Essay

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« Previous PostNext Post »Barack Obama Set For A Strong Finish Created: December 10th, 2007 | Written By: Kyle E. Moore Just two months ago, it looked as though all the wind had gone out of the sails of the Barack Obama campaign. He trailed Hillary by double digits just about everywhere, Iowa standing as the one significant exception. It was a done deal, Mrs. Clinton’s ascendancy to the White House was inevitable. That’s not the case now. Media mogul Oprah Winfrey actually initially endorsed Obama much earlier this year, but aside from a spot on Larry King Live, and a fundraiser, the big O hadn’t been much of a presence in the campaign until now. This past weekend showed the O show going on the road, and the results have been phenomenal, the event in South Carolina recording over 29,000 attendees. It was what Obama needed, where he needed it, and by most accounts, it was a show stopper. Virtually void of negativity, Oprah played her role perfectly, most notably marking the difference between her book club. With books, Oprah’s seal of approval is essentially an annointment process on the way to the bestseller’s lists, but here Oprah ceded that her goal isn’t to get people to blindly do as she does, but instead to think. And in a contest that has largely been driven by the name recognition and Clinton nostalgia, just getting Democratic primary voters to think outside the party box is a huge step (at least away from the front runner). But let’s face it, Oprah has considerably little to do with the way the race has changed in the last few weeks. In fact, if I were to point to any one thing that could be responsible for just how close the contest has gotten, it would be Hillary Clinton herself. And strangely enough, these past three weeks would have been the best time to enlist Bob Shrum as a strategist. Following the debate performance

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