The Economic Recession of 2007

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Institution’s Name The Economic Recession of 2007 Name Student’s Number Course Number Teacher’s name 9th June 2012 The Economic Recession of 2007 Outline I. Introduction A. A brief of the origin and progression of the 2007 recession. B. A short explanation of the causes and consequences of the 2007 recession as well efforts employed to curb it. C. A short explanation on the possibility of another recession. D. Thesis statement. II. Body E. Origin and progression of the 2007 recession. 1. The first indicator of this recession. 2. Progression of the recession. F. Factors that brought about the recession. 3. Mistakes of policy makers and economists. 4. Current account deficit in the US and other advanced economies. 5. Loose monetary policies, misperception of risk and sloppy financial regulation. G. The consequences of the 2007 recession. 6. The near collapse of the global financial systems. 7. Unemployment. 8. Reduced demand, rise in household defaults and a fall in mortgage prices. H. Efforts employed to curb the 2007 economic recession. 9. Injection of more credit to financial markets and nationalization of banks 10. Stimulus packages and reduced interest rates. 11. Consequences of these measures. 12. Extent to which these measures succeeded. I. Prediction of another recession 13. Premature withdraw of the stimulus packages and emerging global imbalances. 14. Increased population and economic growth. 15. The debt debacle in the Euro zone. III. Conclusion J. A brief summary of main points on the 2007 recession. K. Recommendations. The Economic Recession of 2007 According to Cadieux and Conklin, the 2007

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