The Economic Impact the Economic Impact of Vietnam War

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The Economic Impact THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF VIETNAM WAR 1 The Economic Impact of Vietnam War on the United States Economy Sergeant Major Roberto Calderon United States Sergeants Major Academy Class 58 SGM Gonzales 27 November 2007 The Economic Impact Abstract This paper will give information on how the Vietnam War was not a negative factor in the United States Economy, as it was once thought. In researching this specific topic, of the 2 economy during the Vietnam era, the study proves that the economy did in fact improve once the war began. At the time the economy supported the highest level of troop involvement during the Vietnam War, however; since the administration and congress failed to curve inflation and proper budget the war, the “cold war policy” and domestic social issues were the contributing factors that negatively impacted the economy. Therefore, the United States economy is able to support a higher level of troops to combat the global war on terrorism, and if properly budgeted; it will stimulate the current economy. The Economic Impact Impact on Conflicts on U.S. Economy The United States wanted to stop communism from spreading and believing it had the sole responsibility for global peace the United States decided to get involve with Vietnam War by supporting France. This involvement began an economic myth that some believe created a strong impact on the economy of the United States. In 1953 the United States gave the French Union Forces 385 million in aid and in 1954 the U.S. Appropriated 400 million for the French, these additional funds were apart from the regular Indochinese military assistance program for weapons and equipment during that time. Furthermore the United States transport planes from the U.S. Air Force transported French troops from France to Indochina during an emergency in 1954. Under the Military Assistance
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