The Economic Depression Essay

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Essay Topic Finding Economic Lessons in Children's Stories Tell me a story… The line is heard at bedtime in homes around the world. Childhood is filled with stories, fairy tales, fables, legends and myths. There may be a moral to the story, but does it reveal an economic lesson? Think about one of your favorite stories. Are there any economic concepts to be found in the characters and story line? Your task is to delve into the plot and the characters to reveal the economics that hide within the pages. The Task Select a story and write an essay describing how it demonstrates one or more important economic principles. Does the story teach or illustrate a truth about economics? How do economic concepts shape the characters’ decisions? Assume that your reader is not familiar with the story. The Details The contest is open to 11th and 12th grade students in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District, which covers Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico. Participants submit essays to the appropriate office of the Dallas Fed, as determined by the location of their school. (See the Eleventh District counties.) Essay Deadline: March 4 Essay must be accompanied by student entry form PDF. Awards Ceremonies Ten essays will be selected for recognition from each office. The selected students, their parents and their supervising teachers will be invited to an awards ceremony at the office where they entered: * March 30—El Paso * March 31—Dallas * April 7—Houston * April 7—San Antonio District Awards Luncheon The top three finalists from each of the four office locations will be invited to an awards luncheon at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on April 21. Each of the 12 finalists will receive a savings bond: * First place—$1,000 Series EE savings bond * Second place—$500 Series EE savings bond * Third
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