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The earth has a fever and the fever is rising...we are what is wrong and we must make it right, in the context of global warming, discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement Climates have changed and are still constantly changing at all scales, from local to global, and over varying timespans, both long term and short term. However, there have been surges of change over time which meteorologists and earth scientists are continuously trying to clarify and explain. The phenomenon known as ‘Global Warming’ is the gradual increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, particularly in recent years, as part of a long term process known as climate change. It occurs due to the ‘enhanced greenhouse effect’ where gasses trapped in the earth’s atmosphere reflect long wave radiation back onto the earth’s surface, thus warming it up. There is much conflict as to whether or not we, as humans are the catalysts warming up the earth and promoting global warming. In this essay I will critically evaluate the potential reasons for the dramatic clime in global warming and ultimately disagree with the above statement that the…show more content…
Revkin clearly states that scientists learned long ago that the earth’s climate powerfully shaped the history of the human history- biologically, culturally, and geographically. Not only that, but in the last few decades, scientific research revealed that humans can be a powerful influence on the climate as well. The hottest years measured by our modern day technology are 1998 and 2005. However, the hottest years ever recorded are in order 2005, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 recorded by NASA. Scientists are indicating the two main factors of global warming: emissions from unfettered burning of fossil fuels and the razing of tropical forests. That’s the kind of activity that adding an invisible blanket of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere trapping heat like “greenhouse”

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