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Sexting: A growing problem among teens Students, teens ages 12-17, are using their cell phones and other mobile devices for pornography. Teens have started sending nude pictures to their boyfriends/girlfriends and cell phones are the big things that are used. Teens are going to jail for this and these actions are called sexting. MTV, a television network, aired “Sexting in America” when a 19 yr. old girl was profiled. She sent nude pictures of herself to her ex-boyfriend. The “ex” said he would get back together with her if she sent him the pictures, but instead he sent them to every person in his phone. ABC News Nightline revealed a young man that received a nude photograph from his girlfriend when he was 17 years old. After an argument, he sent her nude pictures to all the people in his contact list on his phone. The pictures went out to more than 70 people including friends, teachers, parents, and grandparents. By the time he had his 18th birthday he was arrested for child pornography. The girl was put on 5 years probation. The guy was put on the sex offender list, was kicked out of college, no business will hire him and he can’t even live with his Dad, because he lives near a school. Student leaders need to help parents know what to do and how to talk to their teens about sexting. The issue is not going away! Anybody that is creating and sending the image is possibly looking at charges of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor. Almost two dozen states are considering changes to laws that would separate sexting from the same category as child pornography. Once you hit “send” you have lost all control of where that photo or video goes. Taken from: FACTS and TRENDS; Winter 2012; pgs.10-12 Article by Polly

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