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The Eagle : 1. The author makes a connection with humans as they read the story by giving the Eagle a human like aspect; hands. He also displays the eagle’s power and might and stresses how high the eagle is elevated above the rest of the world. I believe that this is a message of pride. We see that the eagle esteems himself above the rest of the world, and holds tight to his position in this dominance. “He clasps the crag with crooked hands” (line 1) crooked hands symbolizing how pride is an evil, crooked thing. The author goes on to state how even though the world beneath him is wrinkled and crawling or struggling in life, he just watches from his position on the social ladder “mountain walls” (line 5). But as all prideful people, they all fall down eventually, and his fall was great and swift. 2. Stanza one talks about the sun and the heights of the world, while stanza two focuses primarily on what is beneath, the sea. The mountain: the social ladder Close to the sun in lonely lands: he stands alone, atop the social ladder. Most people that are high in the social ladder have a lot of money, and a lot of fame. Which begs the question, are they truly happy? And if so, does their happiness lie within themselves and what they have done, or within their money and what it has bought? Winter: 1. Saw: "saw" in this poem means something like a saying or a proverb. So when the parson is preaching, the people listening are coughing so much/loudly that they can't hear him. 2.2 brooding: Brooding is a play on words. When birds are sitting on the nest to hatch their eggs, they're brooding. But this is winter, and there wouldn't be any eggs to sit on because it's the wrong season, but another meaning of brooding is thinking or worrying persistently or moodily, or dwelling on a problem with morbid persistence. 2. --- 3. The owl seems to

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