The Dynamism of Spirit and the Infinite Within Essay

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The Idea of Infinite Goodness We have addressed the value of using spiritual principles and infinite words as seeds for thought, and we have talked about the selection of pure infinite goodness as a possible thought seed. The next step is to apply this in our thinking. When we have identified a spiritual principle on which to build our reasoning process, we can apply spiritually minded thinking and reflection to any subject we might wish. We might learn to think in this special way about ourselves, about our relationships, families, jobs, cities, governments, and about our world. In this way, we can continually improve and regenerate our beliefs about all these things. The main rule for this thinking and reflection process is that it must be consistent with the principle we choose. The principle we will use is not an elaborate axiom or a statement of human belief. It is simply a string of good words. When we use these words as the principle of our thinking and reasoning, we are enabled to think above and beyond our beliefs. Although we have defined our use of the word "infinite" to include the word "spiritual," let us include that word here explicitly, just to make sure we have not jumped over an important step. We will usually abbreviate this to fewer words, but in this following exercise our guiding principle will be this four word string - pure infinite spiritual goodness. If pure infinite goodness is our mental principle, every thought we might have in line with it will be good. Because it is a pure principle, all possible ideas about it must be purely good, with no impurities. Its purity suggests a level of soundness and a certain density. It is solid goodness without empty spaces or voids. Since its goodness is infinite, there are no limits to its goodness. It is not possible to imagine limited good coming from this infinite principle. Within the realm of

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