The Dumbest Generation

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Dear Mr.Baurelin, I’ve recently read the ending to your book The Dumbest Generation. You believe that our generation of teenagers is jeopardizing the fate of our country. At first I was shocked and disagreed with everything you had written, but then I started asking myself, does my generation really act like this? Well, Mr.Baurelin I may not agree with everything you stated, but I do agree I am your stereotypical teenager. I’m very technology dependent, I spend most of my leisure time socializing or sleeping, and I’m quite apathetic of some subjects I learn in school. Each generation develops a dependency of their time, for us it happens to be the internet. In your book you claim that “youth culture and youth society is fabulously autonomized by digital technology” (234). I’ll have to admit I am one of those teens who stares at the computer screen for countless amount of hours scrolling, liking posts, watching videos, and other things that take up most of my time. Also I’m always on my phone either texting, or tweeting. While the internet does take up most of my time, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The internet allows me to discover new things each and every day. Back in the day, if I wanted to get information about something I would have to spend hours reading books, now with the internet I can find facts in seconds. For example my older sister lives in Europe and Facebook makes it easy for me to talk to her in just a click of a button. When was it ever that easy to talk to someone in a different country by just clicking one button? As a teenager who goes to school five days a week and also works part time after school I don’t get a lot of leisure time to do a lot of the things that I would like to do. You stated that we “prefer the company of our peers to great books and powerful ideas and momentous happenings. I agree that when I do get the little free
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