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The Dresden Story: Racism, Human Rights, and the Jewish Labour Committee of Canada By: Ross Lamberston There were many trials and tribulations in regards to the labour movements all over the world. Some groups failed and others succeeded. However, in the end, they all left a significant mark in history and became stepping stones which brought us closer to new laws and legislations for human rights and equality. Canada was no different. In Dresden, Ontario there was wide-spread discrimination across the city. Blacks were treated horribly in regards to jobs and living conditions and other races were not far off. Ross Lambertson's 'The Dresden Story:' Racism, Human Rights, and the Jewish Labour Committee of Canada is a case study devoted…show more content…
Therefore, complaints about such events were reviewed in the same manner as one regarding safety for workers. At this point Sid Blum was the secretary of the Toronto Labour Committee and had quite a different outlook and approach on racial inequality than Kaplansky had. As Dresden’s human rights issues began to escalate it seemed as though Kaplansky allowed Blum to take the reins in regards to spearheading ideas and implementing legislations. Using on-site research Blum realized that the Fair Accommodation Practices Act did little to change the attitudes of the white residents in Dresden because they still felt as though blacks should “know their place” in society. Blum executed many tests on different cafés and restaurants to ensure that all were being served in a ‘fair’ manner. This of course, brought about many complaints and lawsuits against numerous establishments. Another issue was that of Premier Frost, (according to Lambertson), not aiding in this lengthy battle; instead he would not amend the Fair Accommodation Act in order to properly define discrimination. However, this did not hinder Blum and Kaplansky’s efforts. They still fought for the rights of all and in the end, there were many changes made to legislation in regards to human rights for all visible…show more content…
It shows that in the face of adversity, there is always that cloud with a silver lining. This article was actually an eye opener, reading about all trials and tribulations Kaplansky had to go through for rights that should be given to all, regardless of race and background. It is so hard to believe that just a couple years ago anti-Semitic views were shared by the vast majority of a town. This being brought to the light, having it hit so close to home, was a good thing for me because I now am proud of how far we as Canadians have come; especially, in certain areas like Toronto where multiculturalism is basically the trademark of the city. This article has changed my outlook on many topics, now that I have read it. I have become more questionable in regards to what I chose to believe

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