The Dream of a Life Time Essay

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The Dream of a Lifetime My dream for my 10th birthday was to go on an African safari trip to Chad. My parents surprised me with the trip of my dreams… it was the SAFARI TRIP! I was extremely excited. Later that afternoon, I was boarding on the plane imaging all the different animals I would see. I also was a little nervous because it was my first time aboard a plane. During the plane ride I started to fall asleep and by the time I knew it, the plane ride was over. It lasted about three hours, it was a long ride. My mom woke me up saying, “Briana, we have arrived!” As I was cheering (yay, wooah) with joy we hopped of the plane and headed to the Double Tree. The Double Tree is the hotel were staying at. An hour later, we arrived at the hotel and we unpacked quickly. We are going to be in Chad, Africa for about a week. My mom told me it was actually a six hour trip, but who’s counting. It’s 9:30pm, and about time for my family and I to go to bed. We were tired from all the jetlag, plus we need to get up early for a fresh start tomorrow. The next morning we got into a crappy cobalt car and went to the place where the safari was located. As me, my mom, and my dad got out of the car, we all ran to the entrance to pay for the tickets. The thing is, I forgotten to use the bathroom this morning, so I wasn’t feeling very good. We finally entered the safari where there were these big black and blue gates. All of us went inside to the very first area of the exhibits. The next place we visited was where the animals were. We could leave the safari, so we did. I was looking at this giraffe that was pink and had purple stripes. I still had to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. So, I left my parents and I started to go wander off to find the bathroom. I ran as fast as a cheetah, forgetting to tell my mom and dad I left. I gazed nearby and saw a baby tiger

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