The Dream Act Essay

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Maria’s parents brought her and her two brothers across the southern border of the United States illegally when they were infants. Her parents wanted a better life for themselves and their children; unfortunately, that decision twenty years ago is affecting Maria today because she is finding it difficult to afford college tuition and can’t qualify for any scholarships because of her illegal status. [hook that sets a scene] The state of Texas is one of the few states that have a policy of allowing students who are in the country illegally to pay “in-state” tuition to attend school, and no one asks anyone his/her citizenship status. Recently, Congress refused to pass the Dream Act, which would have allowed children who were brought into the country illegally a way to attend college and gain some sense of citizenship status as young adults. [more hook with the definition of what my paper is about] Although some people argue that the Dream Act gives “backdoor” amnesty to people who entered the United States illegally, [concession] in fact, the Dream Act should be passed by Congress because passage of the act will allow more people to be educated, permit the United States to keep its reputation as the land of the free, and help thousands of innocent people become contributing members of our society. [thesis sentence with reasons] The people who are impacted by passage of the act will achieve an education. [topic sentence; my 2nd best reason] In 2011, 65,000 young adults were in the United States illegally, so they didn’t have the documentation to enroll in college [logical appeal; research] (Coronado). [in text citation that gives the author of the information I paraphrased; no page number because the source was an online database; the period goes AFTER the parentheses] Imagine if these people were allowed to attend a college and attain a degree. Thousands

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