The Dream Essay

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To back off is not my thing. This is not actually any incident but a story of my life. I have done many things that people think are not possible at this age, this is my idea of life, to be above and beyond and I constantly try it. I remember once I was telling my new class mated what do I do and how much I have worked in my life and they would say was you are a ball of fire. And they were right this thing is above the law, if you want to do it, just do it. My work which I like to do is my lap of luxury I enjoy it more than anything, satisfaction and contentment everything is offered when you work hard There was once a huge brand’s shoot and it was my first I became so anxious that I reached there with all my bag and baggage that the shoot required except my camera and then everyone was hamming it up, like they never fail to forget anything. I was in a kettle of fish that day but from that day I keep an eye on before I go anywhere. Things like this happen but I move on with good spirits. I don’t have my hands in gloves; I trust myself and my abilities. There have many great memories and too much of incidents from which I sometimes learn and many times don’t even consider them but my ears are burning every time when it comes to gaining any

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