The Downward Spiral of American Eating Habits

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Morgan Traver English 15 (sec. 300) Mrs. Morgan 20 October 2012 The Downward Spiral of American Eating Habits In today’s society everyone is looking for inexpensive and creative ways to buy and eat food. The economy is though and therefore, people are apt to try and get creative with the eating habits they have acquired. Americans are constantly consuming chemically altered food products. We have the notion to be skinny, healthy and feel good about what we eat, but in reality, it is almost exactly the opposite. As a whole, most Americans are uncomfortable with their bodies, and feel guilty about what they eat, whereas the French are positively unembarrassed about what they eat. Laura Fischer mentions when she quotes Paul Rozin about the topic of thinness. When Michael Pollan states not to “. . . EAT ANYTHING YOUR GREAT GRANDMOTHER WOUNLDN’T RECOGNIZE AS FOOD,” (426) he is trying to bring attention to the fact that we consume food without really taking a look at it. I agree with both authors for the most part. Americans should pay attention to what they eat, which happens to be the over-all message in both of their articles, yet I disagree with apportion of Pollan’s voice. He says that we should also avoid unfamiliarity, unpronounceable things and to avoid health claims (428-430). Most foods today are made with unfamiliar ingredients and we cannot always find good food. Americans need to look at how they eat, what they eat, and when they eat it or the society as a whole will become much less healthy. Laura Fraser says that Americans have become careless in their eating habits and try everything to make themselves looks skinnier which can range from diets to surgery in order to look better. As a collective whole Americans eat what they want when they want it. If Americans ate in a fashionable way, meaning not too much, and not for the sake of eating, the

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