The Downside To Independence Essay

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Hannah Zivcsak Mrs. Cuttereli Language and Composition The Downside of Independence Growing up we were always taught to “work together” and “there is no I in team,” but there is an “I” in independent and simplify. These two key words are the base to what Henry Thoreau builds his central argument in his essay “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For.” In his essay, Thoreau stresses the need for simplification. Why worry about the small details? Forget time and just live! However, if we as children were never taught those early values of teamwork then that brings up great question to where our communities would be. There is not one person in history that built something entirely on their own. Based on the virtues of individualism and self-sufficiency that Thoreau expressed in his essay, it is apparent that our modern day communities would crumble due to the lack of detail, teamwork, and sense of urgency. One of Thoreau’s main points in his essay is to let go of detail. He feels that details cause error and error in turn causes unnecessary stress. The point is well taken, however one major problem with this concept is the fact that the world revolves around time. Without time and urgency in life nothing would ever get done. People need deadlines and in all honesty people need pressure. Natural competition is what leads to breakthroughs in medicine and the new, better improved buildings that restore our beloved hometown communities. Imagine if your neighborhood firefighters got an emergency call, but under Thoreau’s virtues, they simply did not feel the need to rush because it does not affect them personally. In that world it is every man for himself. They might not even have a phone to get into contact with since they are living the raw life, requiring only the bare minimum that it takes to survive. The new bridge that is attempting to be built in downtown Cleveland

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