The Downfalls of the Electoral College in Todays America Essay

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Few actions of the founding fathers have been as criticized as much as the development of the system of indirect election that the United States uses, to this day, to elect their presidents. Thomas Jefferson declared this system as “the most dangerous blot on our Constitution,” and people have been attempting to reform it ever since. This erroneous system of ours is the Electoral College. It gives each state as many electors in the college as it does members in Congress, and it is their votes that actually elect the president and vice president not the total of the popular vote. This brings up the question of whether an individual’s vote ultimately counts in a presidential election as a result of the Electoral College. In 2000’s presidential election, 4.5 million Californians voted for Bush, but California is a liberal state so Gore won, ultimately voiding 4.5 million individual votes because only the vote of the state is counted. However, the Electoral College does not usually let down the American people as it did in 2000, according to proponents of the institution. They argue as one of their main points that, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” indicating that the majority of the two hundred years the system has seemed to work, with “scant evidence” that it will fail us in the future (Moore, online). As the 2008 election nears one might worry that perhaps the Electoral College is broken. Even if only slightly inaccurate, citizens of America should not idly accept any flaws in such an important, and principally American, institution and the close count for the 2000 Presidential election did reveal a flaw in the current system. With the spotlight on Florida’s precious recount there became a wide consensus that the Electoral College needed repair. But the ideas for change are spread thin, with no reform idea gaining much attention besides that of introducing new

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