The Downfall of Imperialism Essay

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World Cultures Imperialism Outline I) Introduction A) In the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the European imperialism resulted in colonial empires that swept across Africa and Asia. 1) The colonization was viewed in many ways- both the colonizer and the colony saw positive and negative effects of imperialism 2) The documents provided are sources that deeply explore and dissect the effects that the Europeans had on Africa B) Thesis- Imperialism by the Europeans in Africa had a negative effect on both the colony and the colonizer due to invasion, oppression, and other negative aspects that will be discussed. II) Positive Effects C) There were few positive effects that imperialism had on the colonizer and the colony. 3) European imperialism introduced new technologies to the colonized Africans. 4) They also provided “security of person and property in lands that had known little or either.” (Document 4) D) For the colonizers, there were multiple positive effects Lachman 2 1) African colonies provided raw materials that boosted supply in Europe, improving the economy 2) Colonizers benefited through trade because foreign trade routes were introduced through the colonies III) Negative Effects E) The African peoples who were colonized were economically exploited by the invading Europeans. 5) “The white rulers of the colonies live at the expense of the natives” (Document 1) 6) The Europeans would not only take the natives’ land, but take hold of their resources, made the natives work them, and “take the wealth out of the country” (Document 1) 7) Africans were reduced “to poverty in the midst of plenty” (Document 3) 8) Although Africa was abundant in resources, the colonizers used and benefited from them for their own good,
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