The Down Side of Being a Conformist Essay

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The majority of teenagers contain a desire to fit in. Whether it is within a particular group of friends or a higher society (celebrities), the feeling remains. Teens fit in with their peers by following trends. Trends can change as quickly as the weather and unfortunately this trend can thrive regardless of it. There are an immense amount of trends that are very harmful to teen’s health; but most people overlook the dangers of having a sun-kissed tan. If a teenager is bronzed, he or she is said to have a “healthy” glow; however, recent studies show that the effects of overexposure to the UVA and UVB rays of the sun or tanning booth are more than skin deep. Tanning has been a consistent trend and an adequate confidence booster; but teens are often unaware of the potentially deadly consequences and the steps they can take to prevent them. Tanning is considered to be a great confidence booster. After a few days baking at the beach or a few sessions in the hottest tanning salon, the skin will ultimately be darker (or redder, depending on the skin type). Teens begin to notice their pimples or blemishes are less obvious and as a result, they are more self-assured. “Most Americans, including up to eighty percent of people under age twenty-five, think they look better when they have a tan” (Hyde). Those are the immediate effects of obtaining that Hollywoodesque appearance. In the long run, tanning can lead to damaging effects: wrinkles, brown age spots, blotchiness, leathery, sagging skin, a weakened immune system, and cataracts and other eye problems (Rice) (Hyde) nevertheless, many teens ignore warnings such as these, and continue to tan without any sort of protection. The most serious and life-threatening side effect of exposure to UVA and UVB rays is skin cancer. Dermatologists are now seeing patients who are only in their twenties who need treatment for skin
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