The Doubting the Health Care Right Essay

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The Doubting the Health Care Right Introduction The health care right is an ongoing debate amongst people in the United States. The government, medical professionals and the citizens are looking for answers to an ever-increasing health care cost dilemma. Recently implemented laws for health care rights have citizens varying opinions, such as is it a right or is it good, in America. Conversely, the citizens are the motivated forces behind the laws. This includes changes that are being put into operations because health care was not working well in America. The imagery in one’s head doubts health care changes. This bias is with health care rights. The general views and seeing changes like skyrocketing health care price tags for the citizens of the United States. In the past, the key picture was private care for those who could pay that care. Health care is still a private matter. The reflections of the public discussions have warranted changes and the doubts still remain, are health care rights or goods. Affordable Health Care New state health care laws have converted citizens into uncertainties and the fears of the lack of affordable health care are adding to the governmental budget high costs that citizens will indeed have to pay. It, it is being described as a right to health care now; even thus this is doubtful. The health care rights are simple policy words for mass increases in taxes. Yes, there is no such thing as the right to health care. There is the right to pay for expensive health care costs. Can one afford to pay for this care? No, middle income people of the United States might not be able to provide this high priced health care. Yes, there is no right to health care, but just the right to pay for health care if one can provide that health care than one will buy what is affordable. The expectations are high. The thinking is will

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