The Double Standard (Satire)

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In our world, many people just forget or push aside the double standards men and women face every day. These double standards are: Sluts/studs, men being the bad guy in breakups, men expected to pay for dinner, looking nice and many more. It is utterly fascinating when you really think about it. People actually believe that this is, and should be normal. To begin, the double standard that when men sleep with a lot of women, they are considered as being “studs” but when women sleep with a lot of men, they are considered as being “sluts” has been around for ages. If you watch the movie: “The stoning of Soraya M.” the woman gets stoned for being accused of adultery by her husband who makes up a lie to “get rid” of her. I honestly think that whatever people want to do with their own genitals is fine by me as long as I’m not involved involuntarily in their business. Hey, it’s your vagina and/or penis, do whatever you want. But I do advise to be careful with aids and other STDs. Secondly, in breakups, how many times do you actually see women being the victim? Not very many. If a guy breaks up with the girl, her friends are like “Oh, poor baby! You need a better man!” yet, when the girl breaks up with her boyfriend, her friends are like “Mhm, I told you so... He was never good enough for you.” The men are always at fault for everything. If HE breaks up with HER, he’s viewed as being an “ass” because there’s absolutely no reason he should break up with her, she’s perfect and doesn’t deserve any of that. When SHE breaks up with HIM, he’s obviously not good enough to hold onto that relationship, right? WRONG. Thirdly, many people think that when two people go out for supper (being a man and a woman) the man automatically needs to pay. No. Wake up and smell the coffee. If you asked that person to go out, the nice thing to do is to pay. I sincerely believe that whoever
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