The Door Slammed Shut Essay

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Controlled Assessment – Creative Writing “A few days to go now Annie! Don’t go back to that idiot and definitely DON’T take any drugs! Oh and don’t forget to take your medication!” I didn’t even answer Mark; I just went back to my room. Staring at the same 4 walls as I have been for the past 3 years, but there’s only 2 more days to go now. I’ve thought about the same things every day since I got put in here. When I’m sitting in my room & I see the scars he’s put on me it makes me physically sick; how could I let a man overpower me the way I did? To let a man beat me, give me different drugs everyday, take my money & make me isolate myself from the little bit of family and friends I had; I must have been oblivious to the situation most times because I was on drugs. I loved him so much I thought everything he was doing was to protect me & make me happy, but now I have so much hatred for him, the only way I feel I could be happy again is if he’s dead! He was unreliable, untrustworthy, he beat me, I tried to end my life a numerous times to get away from it then I got diagnosed with schizophrenia and cannabis psychosis which leads to why I’m here today. Last day now, as I packed my bags to go I couldn’t believe the few possessions I had left, not even enough to fill a plastic bag. Someone knocked on my bedroom door, guessing it would be Mark to come say his goodbye’s, he’s been like a father to me and I much prefer trying not to lose contact with him. He come in said his goodbye’s & gave my discharge sheet, I was finally aloud to walk free on my own; but I was scared. Walking down the street with my plastic bag & the only outfit I’ve got to my name, I didn’t know what do, or where to go. The normal sounds of cars & people seemed deafening to me, I hadn’t heard any normal noises or seen anything for like 3 years. I heard a man shout
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